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Locals Donuts would like to be your destination for donuts and soft pretzels. We are a food truck based in Halsey, Oregon that started doing business in September of 2022. Although Locals Donuts is new, our staff has worked in the donut and pretzel food truck business for many years. Our recipes are tried-and-true, and our products are beloved by our customers. We chose the name “Locals” because we want you to feel at home and enjoy sweet or savory treats with the people you love. All of our donuts and pretzels are handmade from scratch and served fresh. We look forward to serving you with some outstanding products. See the calendar below or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to find a location and time that works best for you.

About Us

Locals donut trailer paint scheme
Locals donuts trailer paint scheme

Locals Donuts

Locals Donuts is a food truck serving handcrafted donuts and soft pretzels. Our donuts and pretzels are made from scratch and served fresh. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are craving something savory, we have something for everyone. We are on the move to bring our amazing donuts to a location near you, so please see the calendar below or head over to Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on our location as well as special deals and giveaways. Click here to view our menu.

Locals donut trailer paint scheme
forming  a donut

Opening Hours

Please see  calendar above or visit our Facebook or Instagram for our location and hours

Have a question? Click here to contact us.

Locals donuts trailer paint scheme
Locals donuts trailer paint scheme
Locals Donuts; Handcrafted donuts and & pretzels

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Call or text us: 541-257-7221

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